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Plays Air America Live feed via Windows Media player or RealOne player.
[Editor’s Note] To move this Widget…
On Mac: Hold the Command key and drag.
On Windows: Hold the Control key and drag.
Air America Radio Tuner widget brings,right on your desktop, the live streaming sound of this radio station.
■ Yahoo Widget Engine







Air America Radio Tuner Crack Free [April-2022]

Requires either Windows Media Player or RealOne Player. No Flash player or Java player required.
Set it on your browser as a bookmark or toolbar.
Or you can go directly to


No Javascript? No problem! Click here to download the zip file and load the Air America Radio Tuner widget yourself. You’ll need the Widget SDK installer to set up.

Air America Radio Tuner Widget Gallery

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If you are a developer and wish to contact us to request a widget or have a suggestion for a widget please send us an email.

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Air America Radio Tuner Crack + With Key [Latest-2022]

For help on keymacro keymapping, check the link:
How to use:
Install it from Widget Machine(R.I.P. Our) and save the widget as “airamerica_radio.xml”
Add “airamerica_radio.xml” to the desktop of your PC/Mac. (Left click on “airamerica_radio.xml” and choose “copy to desktop”)
After all done,right click on the widget desktop icon,choose properties and click “customize” button.
Input this :
[Source (permalink)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)] [Source (original)]


Microsoft, since Windows 7, ships the Windows Media Player, or the RealPlayer (if you’re on a Mac) with any Windows machine. That’s not going to change anytime

Air America Radio Tuner Full Version Free X64 [March-2022]

This Widget.
With this widget, you can listen to live air America radio station.
In the live air America radio feed, you can tune to the frequency of FM or AM, depending on which type of radio you have connected to your computer, the day time shows, all night shows and overnight or late night shows.
You can also switch between AM and FM stations from the widget and also switch between the English and Spanish versions of the live air America radio station.
If you are connected to the Internet, you can also listen to a wide selection of podcast from this radio station.
You can also broadcast this live air America radio station into other widgets.
and the live air America Radio Tuner will be ready on your desktop.
For further details,
In your Yahoo account, go to Widget Engine -> Widget Style -> live air America radio tuner
in order to get the Widget.
Share this Widget to your friends.
■ aIFR Widget Engine (Version 1.0)
Requires the installation of ‘aIFR Widget Engine’ (Installed automatically).
Download and install aIFR Widget Engine from the following link:
(Updated to the latest version)

Share the link and this widget to your friends.
■ Windows Media Player
Load the Widget.
Select the audio tab, choose the file.
Click play to play the stream.
This Widget is mainly for Windows operating systems.
For further details,
[1] In your ‘My Computer’, click ‘Tools’ -> ‘Folder Options’ -> ‘View’ -> ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’.
[2] In the ‘My Computer’, double click ‘%SystemDrive%\Program Files\aIFR’.
[3] In the ‘My Computer’, double click ‘%SystemDrive%\Program Files\aIFR\Widgets’ (or other location).
[4] In the ‘My Computer’, double click ‘%SystemDrive%\Program Files\aIFR\Widgets\Your Widgets\Plugins\Live Air America Radio Tuner\Contents\Main’ (or other location).
[5] In the ‘My Computer’, double click ‘Live Air America Radio Tuner.exe’ (or other location).
[6] Click ‘Options’ to

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This product is free to download and use, but it can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

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System Requirements For Air America Radio Tuner:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, FireFox, or Safari
25GB of space
Dual-Core CPU (1.6 GHz or faster)
DirectX 11
How to Install:
1. Install the.iso using rufus or power iso.
2. Extract the files to your drive.
3. Start the game.
4. If you want to play the game and support the mod, please donate to me

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