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The maximum length of key files is limited to 128 MB (128*1024*1024 bytes). This limit is imposed so that the maximum number of data records cannot exceed the maximum size of a key file.
XBinGen [-K keyfile] [-N] [-P] [-U] [-T] [-l] [-n] [-d] [-i] [-m] [-m0] [-y] [-e] [-a] [-b] [-b0] [-c] [-x] [-x0] [-f] [-h] The KEYMACRO option specifies a key file to use. If no key file is specified, a default key file is used. If a key file is specified, it must exist when the program starts.
The following options are supported:
KEYMACRO Option: -K keyfile
Use the key file keyfile.key for the key, instead of a default key file.
Do not write the header at the beginning of a key file. If this option is used, and the keyfile is less than the keyfile size, the header will not be written to the keyfile.
The default keyfile size is 65536 bytes.
Use the Portable Command Line Interfaces (PCLI) naming convention. This option ensures that filenames are correctly interpreted and does not rely on operating system files and settings. The option must be used in combination with one of the following options: -U, -T, -l, -n, -d, -i, -m, or -y.
If the -P option is used, the keyfile size should not be less than the keyfile size specified in the default keyfile.
Do not write a unique indicator to keyfiles.
If this option is used, the keyfile is not considered unique.
Do not write a timestamp to keyfiles.
If this option is used, the keyfile is not considered valid.
KEYMACRO Option: -l
Specify the keyfile in the Linux LSB (Long Source Base) format, i.e. use the “.key” extension.
The keyfile may contain one or more records.
The size of a record is limited to the maximum keyfile size.
An individual record is separated by a line feed. 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a small utility that allows you to define macros (ex. a series of keys) for the various mouse and keyboard function keys (R-on/off, bracketed copy/paste, select all/select and etc).
• Very simple interface for quickly define your macros
• KeyMacro can process multiple commands at a time. For example, you can quickly paste the contents of the clipboard into a word processor.
• You can assign up to 5 macros to each button
• Each key can have multiple keys assigned to it (ex. R-on, ctrl-enter, etc)

Clear Folder is a file cleaner and defragmenter that can quickly scan, clear and defragment your hard drives. It scans and finds all of your files and folders and then removes them. It does not make any modifications to your hard drive, does not require additional installation, and does not need any technical knowledge to use. It also has an optional defragmentation tool that cleans up your hard drive after the defragmentation process.
1) Scan and Clean
Using a folder’s properties, Clear Folder scans and finds all of your files and folders, and then it removes them. It can scan and delete one or multiple files and folders by their paths or filenames. You can also choose to remove the files from Recycle Bin, by defining the date or size of the file, and even specify that only empty directories are to be deleted.
2) Defrag
Clear Folder offers a defragmentation tool to defragment the files after the scan and delete process. This option can be found in the settings menu, and it is optional. When you run it, Clear Folder opens a new tab in the Windows Explorer window, where you can enter the name of the hard drive, and then it defragments the drive. When it is done, you can delete the tab and continue. You can also run it multiple times to complete the defragmentation process.
Clear Folder has a free trial, and a trial version is included with the paid version.

Imagine that you’re away from home and one of your devices gets stolen. You don’t have a backup, and in order to recover your data you have to go to a shady data recovery place and wait for hours. What if there was a software program that allowed you to recover your lost data? It is a reality, and Ghost Scan is here to help. You can easily scan

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