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Whether you’ve got a 1X or a 48X drive, CD-Quick Cache will improve its performance. CD-Quick Cache accelerates CD-ROM drive performance, resulting in faster program loading and decreased data search time.
By storing frequently used CD-ROM information on your hard drive or in RAM, CD-Quick Cache makes it available in a fraction of the time it would take to retrieve it from your CD-ROM drive, even if you’re using the latest 48X drives.
Unlike simple cache applications, CD-Quick Cache will use an intelligent caching algorithm and dynamic read-ahead buffering to ensure enhanced performance. Its persistent disk cache feature lets the program keep track of up to 256 different CD-ROM titles on up to 32 CD-ROM drives.
CD-Quick Cache can save your cached data and volume information, even after you shut down your computer. CD-Quick Cache also offers smart caching of full motion AVI, QuickTime and MPEG video clips, allowing your games and education programs to run faster.
CD-Quick Cache for Windows 95/98 loads as a 32-bit Virtual Device Driver (VxD), and actually becomes an extension of the operating system.
Here are some key features of “CD Quick Cache”:
■ Works with CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives.
■ Compatible with any CD-ROM drive using a 32-bit protected mode driver.
■ Cache is persistent and will remember data between sessions.
■ Uses Dynamic Read Ahead Buffering with Fuzzy Logic Control.
■ Can use up to 64MB of RAM or 512MB of hard disk for a CD-ROM cache.
■ Has intelligent caching for all types of Full Motion Video clips.
■ Simple on-the-fly reconfiguration with QuickMon.
■ Easily handles multiple CD-ROM drives.
■ Easy installation in less than a minute.


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CD-Quick Cache Crack Incl Product Key For PC [April-2022]

* A simple and cost effective way of accelerating CD-ROM performance.
* It will use 8/16/32/64MB of your hard disk space (or RAM) for CD-ROM caching.
* It will optimize the data that you have stored in your CD-ROM cache so that future accesses will be faster.
* It will even do real time caching for Full Motion Video clips.
* You can use it with any CD-ROM drive using a 32-bit Protected Mode Driver.
* It’s easy and user friendly: just copy the CD-Quick Cache program to your CD-ROM drive, run it and enjoy the benefits.

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CD-Quick Cache Crack

– CD-Quick Cache supports drives using Intelligent Code (ICO) and filetable access mode. (ICO: 1A/1B/2A/2B/2F/3A/3B/3F/4A/4B/4F/5A/5B/5F/6A/6B/6F)
– Software implementation of disc-caching algorithm: “smart caching”
– Dynamic read ahead buffer
– “Persistent Disk Cache” feature
– “Intelligent Caching” for video clips
– Soft real-time video editing
– Create CD-R, CD-RW and DVD disks with multiple titles
– Load full motion video clips from any memory disk
– Caching for all drives and volumes and storage of disk-cache information on hard disk
– Use a button to enable/disable caching for a drive
– Auto-detect of CD-ROM drive used
– Interface with CD-ROM drives is independent of operating system
– Save disk-cache information to hard disk
– Open disk image: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, Audio-CD, CD-ROM, Super Audio CD and CD-ROM image
– Program has a memory limit of 32MB (windows32)
– Interface with screen
– Major update notification
– Patch notification and Optional Covers Edition
– Compatibility with Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
– Patch notice with auto update check
– Change the look of the program
– Create a cover for the program
– Can create a web page for the program with CD-Quick Cache logo
– Supports 24 bit and 32 bit displays
– Supports ISO
– Supports sound driver for Intel
– Support up to 1024×1024 resolution
– Support DIGITAL Audio, SoundBlaster Pro, SoundBlaster 16, Realtek, Creative, ATI, TOSHIBA, Yamaha, EPSON, NAD, Microchip, SiS, NCH and C-Media
– DVD player for MPEG2/H.264/AVI, WMA, MP3, AAC, AC3, AMR and more
– Native ISO CD image creator for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
– Support with hard disk to cache disk
– Supports

CD-Quick Cache Crack+ Free Registration Code

CD-Quick Cache is the “fastest and most intelligent” software CD-ROM drive cache, used on thousands of computers.
CD-Quick Cache works with all CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drives. It can also be used with older optical disk formats such as DVDR, CDR, CDI, MCD and DDS.
CD-Quick Cache is the only software program that makes CD-ROM optimization as simple as the mouse click. This makes it easy to have optimum CD-ROM drive performance with more efficiency than ever before!
CD-Quick Cache is perfect for all types of CD-ROM games and multimedia applications.
CD-Quick Cache is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and is compatible with all sound, video and hard disk drives.
CD-Quick Cache Features:
■ Works with any CD-ROM drive using a 32-bit protected mode driver.
■ Cache is persistent and will remember data between sessions.
■ Uses Dynamic Read Ahead Buffering with Fuzzy Logic Control.
■ Supports reading any file on any CD-ROM drive.
■ Intelligent caching for all types of Full Motion Video clips.
■ Simple on-the-fly reconfiguration with QuickMon.
■ Easily handles multiple CD-ROM drives.
■ Simple installation in less than a minute.
■ Quick Overview:
■ CD-ROM drive cache accelerates your CD-ROM program loading and reduces data search time, resulting in faster program loading.
■ CD-Quick Cache optimizes your CD-ROM drive and gets rid of the hassle of installing and configuring new CD-ROM drivers.
■ CD-Quick Cache loads as a 32-bit Virtual Device Driver (VxD), and actually becomes an extension of the operating system.
■ CD-Quick Cache automatically caches CD-ROM files from a CD-ROM drive and stores them on a hard disk drive.
■ CD-Quick Cache remembers your last CD-ROM drive settings and keeps track of the most frequently used CD-ROM titles on your hard drive or in RAM.
■ CD-Quick Cache stores CD-ROM files and volumes on a hard disk drive, which can be booted from or accessed with a CD-ROM drive. CD-Quick Cache does not require any special hardware for its operation

What’s New in the?

Get the power and performance of CD-Quick Cache for you Windows 95/98 and Win NT4 operating systems! CD-Quick Cache increases the speed of your CD-ROM drive up to a 1000%! CD-Quick Cache is a 32-bit Virtual Device Driver (VxD) that works seamlessly within the Windows operating system. With CD-Quick Cache, your applications or games will be able to load their CD-ROM and CD-R/RW files quicker! CD-Quick Cache is a user-friendly caching tool that loads as a 32-bit VxD and will install quickly with only a few mouse clicks!

CD-Quick Cache installs as an extension of Windows 95/98 and Windows NT4. It will automatically register itself as a CD-ROM device, thus enabling the CD-Quick Cache driver to act as a caching VxD. The CD-Quick Cache driver is fully compatible with every 32-bit protected mode CD-ROM drive. In addition, it will cache CD-ROM information and data, providing persistent retrieval of CD-ROM-related information. CD-Quick Cache supports CD-ROM drives with 32 MB, 128 MB, and 256 MB of RAM.

CD-Quick Cache is simple to use and performs intelligent caching. CD-Quick Cache’s intelligent caching uses Dynamic Read Ahead Buffering (DRB) with Fuzzy Logic Control. This allows CD-Quick Cache to understand how you access the CD-ROM and decide which files to cache. Because CD-Quick Cache is a 32-bit VxD, it is very easy to install. All you have to do is click “Next” and then “Next” again. The installation will finish in less than a minute!

CD-Quick Cache features include:

■ Persistent Cache for CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW Drives
■ Quick Cache for AVI, QuickTime and MPEG Video Clips
■ Fuzzy Logic Control for Intelligently Caching CD-ROM Data
■ Simple Installation: a Few Mouse Clicks
■ Simple on-the-fly reconfiguration with QuickMon
■ Works with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT4
■ Extensive Troubleshooting and Support

“CD-Quick Cache for NT5” is a proprietary version of CD-Quick Cache for Windows NT5 and includes these features:
■ Supports the CD-ROM drive controller type Microsoft 73 and provides full compatibility with CD-ROM devices using Microsoft 73.
■ Creates a virtual device driver of 32-bits, thus eliminating the need to allocate main storage space for caching.
■ Provides full compatibility with all Windows NT5 CD-ROM drives that conform to the VXD

System Requirements:

*Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
*DVD Player
*HDMI cable
USB cable
USB connector

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