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Contour OLAPBrowser Crack Free For Windows

Contour OLAPBrowser Crack is a web-oriented software for data access, analysis and interactive reporting on a single PC, on the local network or on the web.
It provides multi-windowed user interface for viewing interactive reports, web pages and MS Office documents in a single application. With OLAPBrowser users can slice and dice through data, make graphical analysis, configure and print multiple reports with sub-second response times.
Contour OLAPBrowser Serial Key gets data and reports from Contour microcubes, which are mobile report containers storing extremely compressed multidimensional databases and sets of nice formed reports. Such file can be published to web sites, network directories, or sent by email.
OLAPBrowser has easy to use and user-friendly interface based on MS Internet Explorer. User should just type the URL of the microcube he wants in the Address bar or click a link on the web page to receive a pack of his company’s reports.
Use Contour OLAPBrowser Crack Free Download to create global and enterprise information delivery systems, Executive Information Systems, OLAP solutions for workgroups, and personal analytical applications.
Here are some key features of “Contour OLAPBrowser”:
■ Processing millions of rows with sub-second response times
■ Dynamic data filtering, pivoting, drill-down and roll-up
■ Interactive drill-down into multiple detail levels
■ Show/hide detail levels in summary views
■ Interactive filtering of dimension members
■ Sorting table by dimension members or facts values
■ Hierarchical dimension filtering for navigation in thousands of members
■ Interactive instant switching between ascending and descending sort orders
■ Automatic sizing of columns and rows to fit values into cells
■ Header and footer in RTF format that provides sophisticated reporting with headings and comments
■ Exporting reports into HTML format, also acceptable by MS Excel and Word
■ Presentation-quality colored or grayscale reports generated without writing code
■ Print preview with Zoom, Scale and Fit to Page
■ Allows to create web-based OLAP solutions
■ Users can load reports stored at web sites just by typing URL or clicking a link
■ Multiple aggregation functions: Sum, Min, Max, etc.
■ Calculated facts, based on predefined functions or user-defined formulas.
■ Hierarchical fact structure that allows to define calculated

Contour OLAPBrowser

C# macro enables you to enter line-by-line instructions into a document that are executed by the software after the document is loaded. Key macro uses syntax of C# programming language.
Language interface of Keymacro is text based, it has no grammar and no list of objects. The macro language consist of keywords, variable and constants. The macros are stored in.cs files and can be accessed from the code editor by using the Keymacro API.
Keymacro macros are not executable by default, but rather to be converted to the main process of the application.
The Keymacro language for creating macros is strongly typed. The macro language requires the use of a reference to a type (class) and a set of properties. The user can declare a new class (the instance of the type) as the reference variable for a macro (keymacro.TheLibrary.SomeClass in the example below). The class has to define a set of properties, one per macro keyword. For example, the macro “KeywordName” could have the following properties: “KeywordValue” and “AllowDuplicates” (in C#).
A simple Keymacro macro is described below:
Keymacro.cs example:
#region c_macro_start

private void C_macro_start()

#region c_macro_variable

public string Name { get; set; }


#region c_macro_keyword

private string keyword = “Name”;

private bool AllowDuplicates { get; set; }


#region c_macro_end

private void C_macro_end()

C++ macro example:
#include “Keymacro.h”

#define c_macro_start()

class NameClass

virtual void __cdecl SetName(string name) = 0;

virtual string __cdecl GetName() = 0;

#define c_macro_variable(name) public: const NameClass& name_ = *new NameClass()

#define c_mac

Contour OLAPBrowser

What’s New in the?

System Requirements For Contour OLAPBrowser:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 GPU or better, AMD Radeon HD 7770 GPU or better
Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
2.0 GHz multi-core processor
1024 x 768 resolution
Online mode required
Requires PlayStation®3 system (sold separately) and PlayStation®Network Account to play.
Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &

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