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Edit Digi Pictures extends the Windows context menu to rotate, resize, rename and convert multiple photos at the same time.
The program will be started automatically by selecting the context menu “EmailPictures” and one of its commands.
Here are some key features of “Edit Digi Pictures”:
■ Rescales one or more images
■ Renames one or more images
■ Converts one or more images into one of the following file formats (bmp, jpg, gif, tif, png)
■ Rotates one or more images









Edit Digi Pictures Crack+ License Key Full [Mac/Win]

With this program, you can resize, rename and convert images by using the built-in context menu from within the Windows explorer. All the actions, which you can do with the normal Windows context menu, are possible too.
By using the special context menu you can convert your images to many other file types than just the usual ones.
By using the “Mail Pictures” command you can convert your images to e.g. EML, HTML, DOC, RTF, etc.
The program has the following features:
* Full support for a large number of image file formats, e.g. BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, etc.
* Support for resizing images, e.g. 300%, 800%, 1200%, 1600%, etc.
* Support for resizing images with a horizontal or vertical aspect ratio, e.g. 320×200 or 100%x200, etc.
* Support for rotating images, e.g. clockwise, counterclockwise.
* Support for renaming images.
* Support for saving images with a new name or using the default name, e.g. “mynewfile.jpg”.
* Support for saving as EPS or TIF formats.
* Support for saving as JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP, EPS, TIFF, DOC, HTML, RTF, etc.
* Support for saving multiple images as one file.
* Support for multiple conversion options.
* Support for batch processing of images.
* Support for dragging the images into the program window.
* Support for resizing, rotating and renaming.
* Support for converting multiple images at a time.
* Support for clearing the program status window.
* Support for multi-threading.
* Support for saving images to flickr.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr URL.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr ID.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr user name.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr image title.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr description.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr album name.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr user ID.
* Support for saving images to flickr by specifying the flickr image tags.

Edit Digi Pictures Crack + Keygen

Ctrl+Alt+A – Rotates an image clockwise
Ctrl+Alt+S – Rotates an image anticlockwise
Ctrl+Alt+D – Flips an image horizontally
Ctrl+Alt+F – Flips an image vertically
Ctrl+Alt+H – Resizes an image
Ctrl+Alt+V – Changes the image resolution
Alt+Ctrl+A – Rotates an image clockwise
Alt+Ctrl+S – Rotates an image anticlockwise
Alt+Ctrl+D – Flips an image horizontally
Alt+Ctrl+F – Flips an image vertically
Alt+Ctrl+H – Resizes an image
Alt+Ctrl+V – Changes the image resolution
F3 – Renames the file
F4 – Changes the image resolution
F5 – Renames the file
F6 – Changes the image resolution
(Ctrl+F3 – Renames the file)
(Ctrl+F4 – Changes the image resolution)
“Edit Digi Pictures Torrent Download” is a freeware program.
“Edit Digi Pictures Cracked Accounts” is available for free download on the project web site.
You can get more information about “Edit Digi Pictures” and how to install it on your computer or on the program web site.
“Edit Digi Pictures” is available in versions for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
You can get “Edit Digi Pictures” here:

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Edit Digi Pictures

This program consists of two parts, namely a context menu and an standalone application.
When the user clicks on the context menu “EmailPictures”, an appropriate command will be selected and the main application will be started. The main application has been designed to allow you to simply click on a few of the selected images and, in just a few seconds, you will get a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP file in your Email folder.
If you use the program for the first time, the program will ask if you want to install the command buttons and the last selected files.
“Edit Digi Pictures” does not interfere with the Windows Explorer context menu. You can easily add the application to the context menu “EmailPictures”.
You can easily convert a batch of JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG images into a new JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF or PNG file or vice versa.
The program does not make any modifications to the original image. If the image that you are resizing, renaming or rotating is a batch, this means that the final file will have the exact same size and dimensions as the original one. If you want to change the file size or the quality, you will have to make the modifications manually before resizing, renaming or rotating the image.
The size of the final file is not taken into account for resizing, renaming or rotating. You can resize the image and do these modifications in a 1:1 ratio. If the resized image has the same dimensions as the original one, you will get a new file whose size is that of the resized image. The file size of the image that is being resized is taken into account for computing the ratio of the resizing. If the image that you are resizing has the same dimensions as the original one, you will get a new file whose size is that of the resized image.
The quality of the resulting file is not taken into account for resizing, renaming or rotating the image. If the original file has a quality, this quality is kept for the resulting file.
The following key features are available in the application:
■ Rotate an image on the horizontal, vertical or any angle of rotation
■ Resize an image to a new width and height
■ Resize an image to a percentage of its original dimensions
■ Use a number of factors for resizing
■ Use a number of

What’s New In?


Edit Digi Pictures Category:


What’s New in Edit Digi Pictures 2.1:

– Additions of commands for enlarging and saving photographs
– Additions of commands for croping and saving photos
– Additions of commands for removing a photo from the album and saving the album without the photo
– Additions of commands for saving the album in a custom folder
– Additions of commands for renaming photos and album names
– Additions of commands for removing the custom background of a photo
– Additions of commands for copying a photo to the clipboard
– Additions of a settings dialog
– Additions of a font dialog
– Additions of a tabbed user interfaceQ:

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