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Keymacro.com is a software and web development company offering custom software solutions to organizations in all sectors.
KEYMACRO review – Keymacro is a simple to use website builder with a drag and drop UI.

Fantastic….create excel documents from templates…you have collected templates from the net and grouped them into “template libraries”….
It is really simple to use….without typing a single line of code….and….

1) Excel 2003 – 2007 – 2010.
2) All “Template” and “Format” classes are implemented as public properties.
3) “Find in files” feature is implemented as a property.
4) Goto box is implemented as a property.
5) Background images of tables can be “to” or “from” – “from” is the default.
6) Text field to have background image is implemented as a property.
7) Text field to have background image from table is implemented as a property.
8) Column headers which have background images are implemented as a property.
9) Column headers without background images are implemented as a public property.

The files are all zipped together in the RESOURCES folder.

Have you downloaded other free template generators out there?

What would you say are the best template generator programs?

Thank you for the good work.

That’s good to hear.

Thanks for the positive comments.

For those who need to edit the source code, I’d suggest modifying the following files:

For those who need to customize the source code, please let me know.

Thanks again.

In the year 2027, machines will surpass human intelligence and take over the world, leaving humans in the dust. A small band of misfits unite and wage a guerrilla war against the machines.

I can use the “template editor” feature to reorder the buttons, remove or add a button. I made a change to the xls template and uploaded it to my server, but it did not change the auto-generated xls file.

Thanks for the quick response.

Oh, I understand that the template is stored on the server, and if a user is using the xls template, it would be downloaded from the server every time that a xls is generated.

This can be a problem for those who want to preview the document before generating the x 384a16bd22

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Tikara is a tiny little project I started back in 2011. It is written in Java and requires Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher. This project is in the development stage and is still in beta.
Tikara Screenshots:Q:

Regular expression to check a string contains same characters

If I have a string and I need to know if it contains all the same characters, then I can write a regex:
string a = “www.123.com”;

if (a.Contains(“www”) && a.Contains(“123”))
//Do something

This means if the input string contains “www” and “123” the program will execute. But how can I write a regex expression so that “123” should be checked for a string, which is not “123.com”?
I mean, I want a expression like this:
if (a.Contains(“www”, “123”))
//Do something

Is it possible?


You could use the overloaded method String.Contains(String, String) of the string class.
if (a.Contains(“www”, “123”))
//Do something

It takes a second string as the second parameter, which you can use to specify multiple characters.
string a = “www.123.com”;

if (a.Contains(“www”, “123”))
//Do something

It would not be possible to check if the string contains multiple strings in a single regular expression.


The simplest way to do this is to use Regex.IsMatch:
if (Regex.IsMatch(a, @”^www\d{1,2}.com$”, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)) {
// do something

The first parameter is a regex, and the second is a string to check against.
If you want to check a list of words, just nest them:
if (Regex.IsMatch(a, @”^(www\d{1,2}.com)|(123|456|789)$”, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)) {
// do something

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