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FlipCreator is a comprehensible and straightforward software utility fashioned to help you easily create online publications from your PDF documents and images.
Clear and simple interface, with an organized layout
In order to be an efficient and lightweight application, FlipCreator comes with a simple and intuitive graphic user interface and an ergonomic layout that allows you to quickly access the features you require.
The menus and option keys of the application are positioned on the sides, allowing you to get an insightful overview of the workspace without disrupting your focus.
Besides the main window of the application, you can access the most important features of FlipCreator from an additional, separate toolbar that can be positioned anywhere you wish on your screen.
Creating complex e-publications with ease
By using FlipCreator, you can add various elements to your PDF files in order to obtain advanced and professional-looking e-publications.
The application allows you to insert images from your hard disk into your project, and you can also add audio files, in order to obtain complex results.
With FlipCreator, you can add three types of video files to your project, and those are Shockwave Flash animations, standard video files and clips streamed directly from the internet.
Also, web links and buttons can be added to your project. When interacted with, the buttons can perform many functions, such as playing audio or video files, opening images, displaying specific messages, opening links or redirecting the users to the specified page and also sending e-mails.
Another useful feature of FlipCreator is the capability to preview your project, allowing you to make the required modifications before publishing your work.
An advanced tool for creating professional e-publications
FlipCreator proves to be an efficient and comprehensible tool designed for those who wish to create complex and interactive e-publications with ease.


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With the KeyMatic Macro recorder, you can record and playback a key combination in a variety of software programs.
KeyMatic can record your keystrokes with incredible precision, and you can specify different commands for one or more programs.
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• Support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
• Recording: keystrokes, commands, and text strings
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The program is designed to work on the Apple Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Its main function is to read data from Microsoft Excel and export it into a format that can be read by other programs. The program also allows the user to make their own database.
Database Creation
The program allows the user to create their own database or workbook. The user can add various elements to the database or workbook and can export them in a variety of formats.
The program can export data from Microsoft Excel and import it into the program. This means that the user can import data from any spreadsheet into the database.
Import/Export Macros
The user can add Macros to the program, which allow for extra functionality. The user can also edit the format of the export.
Import/Export XML
The user can export the data from Microsoft Excel into XML. They can also import XML from other programs.
The interface for the program is very simple. It allows the user to choose the destination of the database. There is an option to choose the format of the export.
The user can choose the format that the data is exported into. It is possible to export a single row or the entire database. The user can choose to have the data be on a worksheet or a whole worksheet. They can also choose what labels are used.

Create a document


✓ Easily convert your PDF files to HTML or Word documents
✓ Highly customizable templates and the ability to create PDF-based presentations
✓ Additional features include adding pictures, pictures from the Web, creating Flash animation files, text annotations, attaching documents and many more
Key Features:
✓ High level of customization
✓ Easy and intuitive graphic user interface
✓ High performance
✓ Supports English and Arabic
This app is ad-supported. To remove the ads, you need to purchase the full version for $9.99.// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

package icmp_test

import (


func ExamplePacketConn_nonPrivilegedPing() {
switch runtime.GOOS {
case “darwin”:
case “linux”:
ln, err := net.ListenPacket(“udp4”, “”)
if err!= nil {
log(fmt.Sprintf(“failed to listen to non-privileged ping on %s: %v”, runtime.GOOS, err))
defer ln.Close()
c, err := icmp.ListenPacket(“udp4”, ln.Addr().String())
if err!= nil {
log(fmt.Sprintf(“failed to listen to non-privileged ping on %s: %v”, runtime.GOOS, err))
defer c.Close()
_, err = c.WriteTo([]byte(“non-privileged ping”), nil)
if err!= nil {
log(fmt.Sprintf(“failed to send non-privileged ping on %s: %

What’s New in the FlipCreator?

A modern image editor for Microsoft Windows. JpGraph Pro provides a range of features, including drawing, editing, and coloring. JpGraph Pro is a complete package of picture editing and drawing software that was designed to meet the needs of all image manipulation and design professionals. The program supports both vector graphics and raster graphics. The application also provides the ability to rotate, crop, resize, flip, and mirror images. JpGraph Pro offers powerful picture editing tools to transform images into stunningly beautiful artwork. Its intuitive interface and wide range of tools make JpGraph Pro easy to learn and efficient to use.
JpGraph Pro is a universal image editing program, with the ability to import/convert both vector and raster images. Its powerful graphics engine allows the user to easily create professional looking images using a variety of tools, including drawing, painting, text, and pre-designed shapes.
The program can import/convert photos from a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, and PSD. Besides the import and conversion capabilities, JpGraph Pro also provides a variety of powerful graphics tools to quickly create and edit your images. The program supports both 2D and 3D graphics objects, including:
■ Path
■ Ellipse
■ Rectangle
■ Polyline
■ Polygon
■ Spline
■ PolyMarker
■ Text
■ Linear Gradient
■ Radial Gradient
■ Area Gradient
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■ 3D Line
■ 3D Plane
■ 3D Sphere
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■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Camera Lens
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■ 3D Object (Cylinder, Sphere, Cone)
■ 3D Movie Clip
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■ 3D Sphere
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■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Cube
■ 3D Polyline
■ 3D Polycube
■ 3D Sphere
■ 3D Cylinder
■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Polyline
■ 3D Polycube
■ 3D Sphere
■ 3D Cylinder
■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Line
■ 3D Cube
■ 3D Polyline
■ 3D Polycube
■ 3D Sphere
■ 3D Cylinder
■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Mesh
■ 3D Camera
■ 3D Camera Lens
■ 3D Lens (Orthographic, Perspective)
■ 3D Object (Cylinder, Sphere, Cone)
■ 3D Movie Clip
■ 3D Rectangle
■ 3D Polyline

System Requirements:

Intel® Core™ i5-2500, i5-3570, i5-4590, i7-3770, i7-4770, or equivalent
8GB RAM or more
HDD space 8GB RAM or more
Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
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