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Gearotic Motion V 4 7 127 === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Gearotic Motion V 4 7 127


This is likely a known issue with the installer. I’ve not seen it here before so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on.
It’s trying to use an alternative downloader for the installer file, but I don’t think it’s downloading it correctly as it returns:

download here:

However, if you download that same file from a different source that does resolve the issue (for example, I have a different mirror and it does work). You can also use the progress bar and see the progress of the download.
You may want to try downloading it from another source and see if it works, then report back to see if others can replicate that issue.


Saving texts in yml files and requesting them via rest api

I am currently working on a project with a rest api. The client shall be able to create and edit texts in a div via JavaScript and send the texts back to the server via a rest request.
The problem is that I don’t know how I could persist the texts in the yml files (for JavaScript storage purposes) and request them via a rest request.
I currently use a localStorage of JavaScript and the application looks like this:


If you store data with JavaScript, it will not be persisted to the server.
You need to store that information on the server as well. YAML is a good choice if you want to store that data persistently (in a text file, not in memory)
The question how to store and retrieve data in a text file from the server side can be found on SO here. There are some answers that might help you out.

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