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Delivers detailed information about folders, and its settings
Can be used to:
• View information about Windows Explorer folder viewing preferences
• Save extracted registry data to file
• Export registry data to file
• Search for specific keywords
• Filter search results
System requirements:
• 32-bit
•.NET Framework 4.0
• Other language-related software

Folder viewing settings in Windows Explorer are described in the registry, known as shellbags. They include the folder’s size, icon, viewing mode and position, and they remain stored in the registry even after removing the folder. This means that history can be easily recalled when it comes to deleted files, USB flash drives connected to the PC, mapped drives or other mounted devices, as well as various user actions.
If you’re interested in a simple method of accessing the shellbags to learn this kind of information, you can turn to ShellBagger. Designed as a tiny and portable tool, it can analyze the ntuser.dat registry hive and display info, which can be then exported to file.
View information about Windows Explorer folder viewing preferences
Besides.NET Framework which is mandatory, the tool doesn’t require setup. Therefore, you can unzip the downloaded archive and just double-click the.exe to reach the main window. Because it’s portable, you can add it to your collection of portable software as well as effortlessly move it between your workstations with a USB flash drive.
Unfortunately, the application is not designed to automatically identify the ntuser.dat file in the registry, which means that you have to grab it yourself and manually import it into the main window. On the bright side, this is good news if you wish to analyze the ntuser.dat of other workstations, like the ones in your local network.
Save extracted data to file for later inspection
The ShellBagger analysis job doesn’t take long, after which you can view the registry, modified, accessed and created date of each entry related to the Windows Explorer folder options, along with the full path, source, type and size. All this info can be saved to CSV format for closer inspection.
Taking everything into account, ShellBagger offers a straightforward solution when it comes to extracting information related to Windows Explorer folder viewing preferences from the system registry. is another fun version of trying to prove something.”

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– InjectSMAA!
– 5.1.0
– 09-25-2008
– By Grazieppeli [grazieppeli@users.sourceforge.net] – Library code, using directx 9 API calls.
– With injectFXAA, Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing is injected using a texture.
– Improved pattern detection & handling.
– Improved pattern detection & handling.
– No more noisy effects on diagonal jagged lines.
– No more aliasing effects.
– More precise.
– AMD HD6xxx and higher GPUs are supported.
– It is optimized for Direct3D9.
– Additionnal project included, injectSMAA now can be used with no limitations.
– Compatible with DLL versions of directx 9 and 10.
– Requires the DirectX SDK 9.0.
– Does not use hardcoded screen resolutions or DPI values.
– No hardcoded texture sizes.
– It is the most efficient method so far.
– What’s new?
– No more problems with OpenGL ES.
– Better performance on high end GPUs.
– New pattern handling and code optimizations.
– New code optimizations.
– Support for Windows Vista 64 bit.
– Build instructions
– Notes
– History
– howto use
– Install instructions
– Source code
– License


Get injectSMAA and try it for yourself to see what it’s all about!
KEYMACRO Description:

– InjectSMAA!
– 4.6.0
– 11-03-2006
– By Grazieppeli [grazieppeli@users.sourceforge.net] – Library code, using directx 9 API calls.
– Based on FXAA.
– On ATI, use the following settings:
– ATI Radeon 3870: Texture sampling off
– ATI Radeon 3850: Texture sampling off
– ATI Radeon X1800XL: Texture sampling off
– AMD HD4350, HD4550, HD5550: Texture sampling off
– AMD HD5650, HD5750, HD6x00, HD65xx, HD66xx: Texture sampling off
– AMD HD65xx: Texture sampling off
– NVIDIA: Texture sampling off
– NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE: Texture sampling off
– NVIDIA GeForce 6600SE: Texture sampling off


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