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KEYMACRO is a macro recorder for Windows and Windows NT. It lets you record and play keyboard shortcuts. When you play back the recorded macros you can select one key by pressing a key combination, and then use this key combination while you are working. You can record as many key combinations as you want.
KEYMACRO allows you to record:
*Keystrokes (when you press keys, you can record a keystroke)
*Click mouse clicks (when you click the mouse you can record a click)
*Check the state of a box or a button (when you click the box or button, you can record a state change)
*Set the focus on a window or on a control (you can record the setting of focus)
*Display screen captures (pressing a key can display a screen capture)
*Preview the contents of a file (pressing a key can display a file contents)
*Play back a recording from the keyboard (you can record a sequence of keystrokes)
You can record one or more functions and assign them to hotkeys. You can record the result of the functions that you assign to hotkeys.
KEYMACRO has a large set of features. It will be installed on a PC but it can run on multiple Windows NT and Windows 9x versions. It can run in the Windows NT taskbar. It can be controlled by remote via TCP/IP and SSH.

published:17 Jan 2012


Below is the definition of Term I from an old Loyola of New OrleansUniversity catalog. There are many questions, and as a result, many students have a lot of questions about how to use this term.
I also refer to this website:

published:15 Feb 2014


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Automatically inserts no-break space before columns, semicolumns,., according to the french typographical rules.

How to use:

The column breaking algorithm used by the extension depends on the kind of document:

Tabular documents with columns of different size (columns of text, numbers, etc.):

Thumbs up to this extension because it’s the first I’ve seen that gives a guide to put column break automatically in any case in the document. I really like this because it just allows me to focus on writing.
It’s free too!


XatoL is exactly what you are looking for. The free extension, XatoL.
Column Breaking Extension – Column and Box Breaks – is a simple extension for OpenOffice. It creates the simple rules for breaking columns in OpenOffice Writer. The rules will be inserted in your document automatically by the extension.
XatoL can be used with any type of document. The best thing is that it provides many options to customize the rules.

Download from OpenOffice Extension Directory


PHP mail() class fails to send email from an ISP-provided hosted website

I’m using a very basic script to send email via PHP’s mail() function to an email address. It’s pretty much a copy of the script provided by the PHP manual:
$to = “me@domain.com”;
$subject = “The subject”;
$message = “The message”;
$from = “admin@mydomain.com”;

mail($to, $subject, $message, $from);
echo “Email Sent.”;

When I use this script on my local server, it works flawlessly. I can email myself and others from this server. However, when I use the script on a website I’ve purchased from a hosting service, the email never gets sent. I’ve got access to the mail server, so I’ve verified that this address is the destination for the mail I’m trying to send. I’ve verified that the message I’m sending is also getting to this account.
Is this a DNS thing, or an ISP-specific problem? Does it have anything to do with PHP’s mail() function? What other things can I check?


If you are using Web Hosting that does not offer an email accounts then you cannot send to an email on their server


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