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The KEYMACRO application enables you to choose the command keys (Ctrl, Alt, and Shift) and also optionally a sequence of keys.
The application is very light weight and can be used for many other purposes as well as being a quick and convenient solution to assigning keyboard macros.
For example, when you find yourself repeating the same task on multiple machines, you could simply use KEYMACRO to assign a macro to “Win + D” and the “Win + R” commands on each machine.
The following macro may be assigned to the macro key combination CTRL + W + R:
■ Repeat the last command if R is pressed.
■ If Alt is pressed, execute the last command, then repeat.
■ If both Ctrl and Alt are pressed, repeat the last command, then re-run the last command.
■ If Shift is pressed, execute the last command, then repeat.
■ If both Shift and Ctrl are pressed, repeat the last command, then re-run the last command.
■ If CTRL is pressed, start from the beginning.
■ If CTRL and Alt are pressed, end the last command.
■ If CTRL, Shift, and Alt are pressed, end the last command and re-run the last command.
■ If the Command key is pressed, do nothing.
Unzip the to your desktop.
Launch the setup.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.
When prompted, select the appropriate folder to install the program.
After installation is complete, reboot your system.
User Manual:
* You can now use the FN key to toggle on and off the macro key.
* Macros can be recorded to the keyboard using the “macro key toggles” feature.
* Keystrokes can be saved to the keyboard by using the “macro key toggles” feature.
* You can configure the following options in the “Settings” box:
* “Initialize and close the macro key toggles” – Choose the option to initialize the macro key toggle feature. The option is checked by default.
* “Keyboard language” – Select the keyboard language you want the macros to be in.
* “Macro key labels” – Select the labels you want to see on the macro keys. By default, only the name of the macro key 384a16bd22

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Imagine that you are online shopping, but while you are browsing the Internet, you need to find out the best price for something you don’t have in the store yet. You get off the site and your cashier tells you the price.
With Keymacro, you can quickly tell the price online. You just have to enter the part of the web page you’re interested in and Keymacro displays the price.
Quicklinks is a fully functional set of applications that simplify the way you use your computer. Quicklinks is a complete Web navigation tool. It includes:
File Manager – Quickly browse your hard drive and access any file you need.
Web Browsers – Browse Web sites and Web pages, then go back and change your web location as often as you want.
Image Viewer – A quick and easy way to view images from various image files and Web pages.
Folder Manager – Browse folders and documents on your hard drive and easily move them to different locations.
Email – Send and receive e-mail, save it on your computer, and view it offline.
Download Manager – Download a Web page, store it for future use, and more.
Calendar – The fully-functional calendar allows you to schedule appointments and meetings and keep track of time.
Game – Play a variety of games you’ve downloaded from the Internet, available for free.
Newsreader – View and read e-mail messages from a variety of newsgroups.
*The software provided in the package is for evaluating purposes only. Not responsible for any damage caused by using the software provided.
License Agreement:
License Agreement
1. The software provided in the package is for evaluation purposes only. Not responsible for any damage caused by using the software provided.
2. The software is not a registered trademark of the company. You agree not to use any logos, brands, or copyrighted trademarks in the software.
3. The software provided is provided “as is” and you use it at your own risk. No support is available from the company for the software.
Important Notice:
1. Only the evaluation version of the software is provided in the package.
2. The software will be disabled after you finish using it.
3. The computer you use to test the software may be infected with virus, spyware, or Trojan horse.
File Name: Quicklinks-32bit.exe
Product Name: Keymacro

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