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Name Elden Ring
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The Elden Ring Game was created in 2015 by ex-staff of the Fate of the Norns developed by Kadokawa Games, Ltd.

And the company that has expertise in making excellent RPG titles on a global scale.

They will take your breath away with the powerful fantasy tale of lands between the worlds, by producing a Fantasy Action RPG.

Caterina’s Fairytale – Chapter 8 – The Goddess’s Knight

Madness of the mountain maid.

The flame of the large sword.

The healing ability of the healing staff.

The strength of the knight’s battle-axe.

The skill of the knight’s shield.

They are all the types of weapons you can use with your character class.

How will you use them?

In order to find the answer to this question, follow the path of the Goddess and the brave knight!

For more information and an adventure that will lead to another chapter, please check out the official website of Tarnished Soul:

A long time ago, a queen entered the Chamber of Trials.

The Queen who believes she is a Goddess.

The Queen of Elden.

She is called…


Game Overview:

A Fantasy Action RPG with deep and thrilling battles.

• Play a spell casting Sorcerous Mage or a Knight in a Battle to Cut Down Enemies

Play as a spell casting Sorcerous Mage or a Knight in a Battle to cut down enemies. How will you use the different types of skills?

The story with deep worldbuilding unfolds as you battle using swords, axes, and other weapons.

Caterina is a young girl working as a maid in Chise’s hotel. She is taken away from her parent’s house.

Caterina is forced to become a maid for the “Pure Inn” for the sole reason of saving her parents.

It is the beginning of her journey, but what will be the fate of her family?

In this world, Sword, Axe, Shield, Flame, Mirror, Magic Lamp, Healing Staff and Dragon bone have their own power in creating the spell casting abilities.

• You Can Choose from Four Classes to Play as

Four classes to play as – Sorcerous Mage, Knight,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast and immersive fantasy world for the player to experience.
    As you explore the massive Land Between using one of the four races or creating your own character, the sense of freedom you experience will surprise you.
  • Directly create a custom character for uninterrupted play with cooperative multiplayer.
  • Encounter endless monsters in the vast open world, including a variety of dangerous beasts that hinder your adventure.
    In addition to dangerous creatures, powerful bosses who must be vanquished to progress will also appear.
    Enemies will show particular patterns with different attacks, so try to use your sword and magic to cover various angles in real time.
  • Innovative battle system that allows you to both adapt to real-time battles and also enjoy a battle dance with your adventure.
  • Hugely improved graphics for a premium game experience.
  • As the first original fantasy MMO

    To learn more about the game and its features, please CLICK HERE.

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    “I feel a strong sense of an unknown that is hiding in the game.”


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    “Let’s beat that chest!”


    “It is a beautiful game when you open your imagination and take a step into the future.”


    “The game is a newly classic and an entertaining game.”


    “A game that restores the martial art fantasy genre, which is well beyond a beautiful presentation.”


    “Oh my, Oh my, to see how a warrior of the land will become an Elden Lord who will lead the whole world…”


    “In this story where a lot of time to enjoy. If you can meet a friend while you play, it is fun.”


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    – BANDAI

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    – REDBOX

    “The story is rich, and the ability to freely choose their own path is a great part of the game.”

    – LADVVR

    “The game is filled with the feeling of ‘I want to experience it myself.'”


    “This game looks really beautiful.”

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    “It is a fine game that I recommend you to play.”

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    “A game that brings a new sense of depth to the martial art fantasy genre”



    Elden Ring

    1. Choose Your Classes!
    In the class selection screen you will be able to choose between three main classes.
    • Warrior: The Warrior is a melee class and one of the strongest classes in the game.
    Although they are powerful, Warriors are also vulnerable and weak on their feet.
    • Eladrin: The Eladrin is a Ranger class. Their mobility and power are fantastic, and they will lend a hand to the Warrior if needed.
    Although they are a bit weak in the long run, the Eladrin does have an innate ability that can speed up their maximum HP recovery.
    • Goddess: The Goddess is a Cyrenaica Elf Rogue class. As their name suggests, they are masters in stealth and infiltration.
    By remaining undetected, they are able to perform the most dangerous, difficult-to-conquer maneuvers.
    Although they have powerful skills that they use, they are still weak when it comes to group combat.
    2. Equip Your Items
    When you create a character, you will get access to the game’s Item system.
    • You can equip items for your character to increase their stats and skills.
    • Items can be acquired from quests and enemies.
    • You can trade items with other players in cities.
    3. Manage All Your Characters
    Manage all of your characters from the Character Master screen. There you can set classes, skills, physical stats, magic stats, and even equip items for your character.
    4. Interact with Other Players
    You can play the game with friends, and when you do, you will be able to get help from your friends, go on quests together, and even communicate with each other using Guild Chat.
    5. Fight Strong Enemies and Deal Damage
    Use your skills to defeat enemies and deal damage with the weapon you equip.
    When you attack, you will be able to use items to boost your stats and skills, and receive experience points. You can use the Experience Bar to trade experience with other players.
    6. Earn Experience and Skills
    If you practice well, you will be able to raise your skills and increase your physical strength and magic. You will get bonuses to your stats and skills when you equip weapons.
    When you engage in battle, you will be able to use items to boost your stats and skills.
    7. Acquire Items to Increase Your Stats
    You can acquire items from quests and enemies. Items can be used to increase your stats and skills.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Game Features

    High quality UBER RPG for PC and Mac that supports a variety of browsers, even the newest.

    Uniqueness of the game: the character growths to determine our own character.

    Elite special classes that can be used for great offensives against enemies.

    Unique fast-paced combat that is easy to control and difficult to master.

    Various types of AI enemies that interact directly with our characters.

    Three in-game maps interwoven with an environment and a variety of aspects: open fields, vast forests, and numerous dungeons.

    Amazing variety of spells, potions, and elemental effects. You can use the effects of the magic wand to turn into a magic dragon.

    A great story with actual character growth depending on the situation.

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    Elden Ring


    It is confirmed that this game will be released in Japan and Europe in December 2016.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    PowerVR SGX 543 SOC
    Galaxy S5 – S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge+
    Galaxy Note 4 – Note 5
    Galaxy S4 – S5 / S6
    Galaxy Note 3 – 4 / S5
    Galaxy Note 2
    Galaxy Note
    Moto G 2nd Gen
    Moto X 2nd Gen
    Oppo F3 Plus
    Oppo Find 7
    LG G3
    LG G3 mini
    LG G4
    LG V10