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Anyone who’s regularly using the Internet knows just how annoying audio ads or audio pop-ups can be, especially if they happen to overlap any type of other audio content. Of course, most modern browsers have quick controls that allow users to mute either one tab or the whole domain, but this might prove to be an inefficient solution in the grand scheme of things.
Enter Smart Mute, a minuscule, yet smart browser extension that promises to enhance the way Google Chrome allows users to fully control their audio experience while surfing the web. In short, it allows users to listen to audio one tab at a time.
Beginner-friendly and stylish Chrome extension
It can be installed just like the vast majority of other extensions from the Google Web Store, and it lives in the usual place, one the right side of the address bar, right next to your other extensions.
Smart Mute can be activated with a simple “flick of the switch.” Once enabled, the GUI expands, and various interesting options are revealed to the user. Smart Mute allows them to mute all tabs instantly, to exclude the pinned tabs from all procedures, as well as to add various site or domains to either a whitelist or a blacklist section.
Control your audio experience with the help of Smart Mute
By activating any of the last two options, users can now access their dedicated “Edit” sections which allow them to manually add the respective websites or domains. For example, the whitelist section is especially useful for ensuring that users don’t get interrupted while listening to their favorite audio content. It treats all other sources of audio from Chrome as background noise, and it automatically cancels them.
Conversely, the blacklist section is very useful when it comes to dealing with those pesky auto-playing videos. Users can add sites or domains that have pop-up commercials. Listing a website to the blacklist prevents the audio from that specific website from being audible.
All in all, Smart Mute is a very nifty, little Chrome extension that’s bound to make the whole audio experience better for most users, regardless of their level of experience. What’s important is that the extension manages to prove itself useful and works and looks quite nice.  The only real drawbacks are represented by its lack of integration with Chrome’s tab menus, as well as the lack of hotkey support. However, the developer behind it has plans for their implementation in the future.


Download ————— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ————— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Imagine never being distracted by audio ads and unwanted interruptions while you’re working on your laptop or smartphone, while you’re streaming your favorite shows or listening to your favorite music. Smart Mute Crack gives you full control over the sound level of your browser – while you’re listening to your favorite audio, you can decide who’s allowed to disturb you.
Smart Mute adds a button in the right corner of the address bar, where you can activate it and let the sound of ads fade away and the sound of content rise up in the background.
Let’s now go over what Smart Mute offers:
• No annoying ads
• Exclude the pinned tabs from all processes
• Add the sites or domains from the blacklist to the whitelist
• Activate and deactivate the extension through a visual button in the right corner of the address bar
What’s New
• Bug fix
• Easy to install, and more intuitive, and looks better
Clicking “Install” will bring the extension to your toolbar.
To get started, navigate to “Extensions” within “Chrome”.
Activate the extension with the button on the right side of the address bar.
What is it?
Smart Mute is a completely free audio extension for Google Chrome.
Why do I need this?
No one likes audio interruptions. Let’s say you’re listening to your favorite book on your laptop, while you’re using the browser. Next time you receive an audio ad, or your blog’s sound gets interrupted due to a flashplayer crash, these sounds can completely ruin your listening experience. With Smart Mute, you can instantly mute all tabs, while keeping the tab with the site or domain of your choice still playing.
I did everything that was explained in the tutorial, and I still can’t have access to the extension. What’s wrong?
You need to be logged in to the Chrome Web Store to be able to install extensions.
What is the bonus feature?
The free version of Smart Mute offers you:
1. Add the sites or domains from the blacklist to the whitelist
2. You can choose between two sounds:
– “silent”
– “active”
3. Open the extension’s FAQ section.
When installing the extension, you have to have Flash installed on your

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Fast and reliable solution for online audio

Modal dialog popup

Turns sound off on some websites

Prevents playing of audio when listening to other websites

Mute media from some websites

Mute sound from notifications

Simple interface

No issues reported by users

⇢ No Add-on ⇢ No background sound

How To Install Smart Mute
Click the “Add to Chrome” button shown below and follow the steps.

IMPORTANT: Wait until the extension is installed. All updates will download when needed.

![Smart Mute Chrome Logo](

How To Uninstall Smart Mute
Open the Chrome Web Store, click on the star in the bottom right of the extension, then click on the “Uninstall” button.

![Uninstall Smart Mute Chrome Logo](

![How to activate/deactivate Smart Mute](

Why should I use Smart Mute?

I have tried the Google Hush and Audio Hush extensions but they don’t seem to work for me

About Me

I have been a tech enthusiast for all of my life, from my first memories on a TRS-80. My father had an early Apple II, a TRS-80, and he bought my brother and me our first computer of our own, a TI-99/4A by then, for Christmas in 1983.
In college I played guitar, and decided to double major in electrical engineering and computer engineering. I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1990 with a B.S. in EE. In the early 90’s I worked on digital audio in the home theater and pro audio industry.
Later I worked for a number of years in a training organization and taught

Smart Mute Product Key Full Download

Smart Mute hides your audible websites in your Chrome tab.
It makes sure your audio play only one site at a time, and is able to mute completely all tabs in one click.
Smart Mute increases your privacy by allowing you to white list sites or domains that you visit.
You can also blacklist sites that have annoying audio pop-ups.
All settings can be saved, and there’s an option to remove them on exit.
Now shows the domain name of the site you are currently listening to.
Now allows you to remove the site from the blacklist.
Added support for more than just HTML5 audio.
Added hotkey support for:
⌘⌥+L to mute everything
⌘⌥+W to unmute everything
⌘⌥+T to toggle the “forbid muted tab” setting
⌘⌥+B to toggle the “host (domain) blacklisting” setting
⌘⌥+T+B to toggle the “mute current tab” setting
⌘⌥+P to bring up the “tab specifics” popup menu
⌘⌥+Q to remove a site from the blacklist
⌘⌥+S to save a setting
⌘⌥+R to view saved settings (reload this window if it doesn’t work)
⌘⌥+F to restore Chrome last configuration
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What’s New In?

Smart Mute is designed to help you concentrate on your music by automatically muting (turning off) music that is playing on the webpage.
You can also select specific websites and block them all together.
Smart Mute needs no installation, works straight out of the chrome web store.
This extension has no record of your browsing history, or the amount of time you have spent on a website.

Chrome Web Store Description:

Mute webpages that may disturb you. Browse without ads!

Control the sounds of your favorite web sites like you’re in control of the sounds on your computer.

Learn more about Smart Mute:

Add us to your circle:

Please email if you have any issues or questions.

Users have rated this app 3 stars on Google Play.
After a new update, a lot of them complained about the way they were designed and the visual changes.
I would recommend this if you don’t care much about Chrome customizations.
If you want a minimalistic, and efficient Chrome extension, then this is the one for you.

Posted 7 months ago. Jul 31, 2017 – 17:02 PM



Top reviewer

Top Reviewer

After a new update, a lot of them complained about the way they were designed and the visual changes.
I would recommend this if you don’t care much about Chrome customizations.
If you want a minimalistic, and efficient Chrome extension, then this is the one for you.

Great Extension.

Posted 7 months ago. Sep 29, 2017 – 15:42 PM



Top reviewer

Top Reviewer

Only issue I’ve had is that it doesn’t pop up a custom dialog to allow you to choose a tab to toggle off.

Can you add those options?

Posted 7 months ago. Oct 22, 2017 – 01:42 AM



Top reviewer

Top Reviewer

Not even close. Mute webpages that may disturb you.

System Requirements For Smart Mute:

To run MP3 Masterpiece:
* CPU: 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or better is recommended).
* RAM: 512 MB (or more recommended)
* Free disk space: 40 MB
* Please make sure that you meet the system requirements.
IMPORTANT! Please make sure that the product is the original from the
manufacturer. The product may be completely revised by the manufacturer.
Some keys such as “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” may be removed from the