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Key Features

Provides direct access to all board schematics.

Includes a set of predefined components (with names and types) that you can add to your working environment directly.

Supports various DXF, NET, PALIB, EIP, or EIS file formats.

Sets up board and schematic description parameters (e.g., board area, orientation, insert nodes, layers), board/PCB setup (e.g., materials 99d5d0dfd0

The protocol support is experimental (or proven buggy on some devices) as of version 0.60.0. Please see the code for versioning and check the changelog for further details.
Supported interfaces
Target interfaces
Interfaces are specified in dotted quad IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR notation.
Groups of interfaces may also be configured using /32 notation. For example, if a host wanted to access group,

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