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The Greek Tycoon 1978 DVDRip XviD-DMZ.torrent

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What can one say about this movie. Not only one of the best films ever made I would say it is one of the best (even if the terms “great” and “greatest” should be used with caution) movies ever made. Here is a bunch of non technical language for people to know what I am saying, and also a bunch of greek quotes (most of which are on the soundtrack of this movie, there are many more, many of which have been used in the past, some of which are just gorgeous).
If you say that this movie is the most epic movie ever you are being, well, not accurate. It is not even close. It is like saying that the 10 commandments are the most important book ever written. No offense to the 10 commandments it is just not true. However, this movie can be described in the same way. Here is what it is “Epic” meaning huge and often exaggerated.
What is it epic about?
1) The story, based on the mythological stories of the greek god Poseidon. 
2) The acting, nobody can say that they were not great actors. 
3) The story telling. The characters are so real that when you leave the theater for real you immediately do the same things that they do. 
4) The music, the god of music, Dionysus, has a better soundtrack than the one of any of the “normal” movies. A good part of the movies is taken from the music of other movies, that is where they get the “synths” for example. 
5) The roles of the men and women in the movie. The men are mercenaries, even the one who killed the woman is part of this gang. 
6) The beauty and effect of the scenes. It is amazing the transition from the scenes of the playground into the god of the sea, and even better when the god of the sea comes on shore. 
7) The ensemble.Â

Epicsoft The Greek Tycoon 38 1.73 GB. The Greek Tycoon 1978 DVDRip XviD-DMZ.torrent [The Rotten Tomato Review] Synopsis
: “An ambitious businessman searches the world for the help of the Greek god Pan in his dealings. With Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bisset.” Download .
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