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This variable specifies the type of controller you’d like to use for the compressor. The default is ‘autoswitch’.
‘autoswitch’ automatically selects the mode of operation for the chosen compressor based on the output level.
‘controllers’ allows you to specify a specific controller file to be used for the chosen compressor.
‘filetype’ allows you to specify that you would like your chosen controller to be of a specific type

For example, if you are using the ‘autoswitch’ controller in a compressor with multiple modes and you select mode 2 in the selection box, the compressor will switch to mode 2 and use the ‘controller1’ controller with mode 2.
The codes for the different types of controllers are listed here:
SC1 Formant Filter

Maximum frequency (Hz)
The maximum frequency in hertz you’d like the compressor to effect.
Attack time (ms)
The attack time in milliseconds.
Release time (ms)
The release time in milliseconds.
Threshold level (dB)
The point at which the compressor will start to kick in.
Ratio (1:n)
The gain reduction ratio used when the signal level exceeds the threshold.
Knee radius (dB)
The distance from the threshold where the knee curve starts.
Makeup gain (dB)
Controls the gain of the makeup input signal in dB’s.
KEYMACRO Description:
The variable ‘threshold’ specifies the threshold level at which the formant filter will activate. The formant filter is an aspect of the compressor that removes frequency components above the specified threshold. The default is -3.
‘threshold’ Specifies the threshold level in dB’s at which the compressor will activate the formant filter. -3 is the default value.
‘max’ The maximum frequency in hertz you’d like the compressor to effect.
‘attack’ The attack time in milliseconds.
‘release’ The release time in milliseconds.
‘makeup’ The makeup gain in dB’s.
‘key’ The key is the default value for the formant filter. The key is a value from 0 to 1023. The maximum value the key can take is 1023. 0 is the default value.

SC2 Threshold

Maximum frequency (Hz)
The maximum frequency in hertz you’d like the compressor 384a16bd22

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Keymacro can be used to create shortcut keys in your application. It supports rich & hot key actions such as Shift-Enter,Ctrl-Enter etc.
Keymacro Icon Package 2011.04 includes:
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